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The Perfect Distance

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Before Finley Thompson's husband died, he told her to run and keep running. So she relocates with her kids to a small town in North Carolina. Her false sense of safety ends when a runaway horse barrels into her yard and she meets her surly but disarming neighbor, CJ Sinclair. As a permanently disabled Navy SEAL, all CJ wants is peace, and to build his animal rescue. The arrival of his complicated and beautiful neighbor shatters this hope and stirs up more than just CJ's emotions. Finley's determined to uncover the truth about her husband's death, but digging into the past may reveal connections and unleash secrets from which neither CJ nor Finley will survive.

The Perfect Distance: Work


 "An edgy, engaging tale brimming with perils and a romance worth rooting for."

Kirkus Reviews

"The Perfect Distance is an intense and emotional ride filled with suspense and romance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well written story and getting to know the two main characters, CJ and Finley. This small town story has intricate plot weaving, good pacing and the characters are easy to connect with....I highly recommend this mesmerizing story; it will keep you on the edge of your seat."

Long and Short Reviews


"Fantastic Book!!!!!!!

This book. What can I say about this book because holy crap it was so good. Finley and CJ are two very complicated characters each with their own secrets that threaten to complicate their budding relationship. This slow burn romance is utterly mind blowing with a mixture of mystery and animals that will keep you in your seat and on the edge of it.
I read this book in one day because I literally could not put it down."

Margaret, from Amazon

"Read it in one evening!
I’m generally a rabid reader of historical fiction, cerebral British mysteries/police procedurals, or weighty nonfiction, so this was a bit of an adventure into previously unexplored territory for me, but it was wonderfully enjoyable! Her writing style engages the reader from the first chapter and the multi-faceted characters were extremely well developed. This book felt like a good suspense novel with just the right amount of relationship building between strong main characters. The intelligent, accurate, well-written horse scenes did much to help create a vision of the world the characters inhabit, along with the detailed description of small southern town life. Great read!"

Christine, from Amazon

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